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October 2016 

Life has been busy these last few months!  After completing work on the Gilmore Girls revival for Netflix with scoring composer/performer Sam Phillips (who sings the famous "la la's"), we slipped into "mix mode" on a bunch of songs that hopefully will make up most of Sam's next album.  

Speaking of Gilmore Girls, I'm happy to announce that the sheet music for the songs that were used in the famous "re-wedding" episode during Season 5 are now available for sale in my webstore.  You can choose between string quartet (written for two violins, one viola and one cello) or piano versions of "Emily's Walk" and "Lorelai's Walk".  The sheet music comes printed on heavy manuscript paper that musicians will love and US domestic shipping is included in the price.  (Please contact me for international or expedited shipping surcharges.)

The Section Quartet and I have been doing some fun sessions of late, but we're not allowed to talk about them just yet.  (So why did I mention them here at all?) Also, The Section Quartet has a new website coming soon.  Fun!

August 2016 

So much has been going on behind the scenes that much of what is still to come in 2016 is under wraps, but I can talk about a few happenings of the last few months.  

I was honored to write a string arrangement for Richard Edwards (of Margot and the Nuclear So & So's) for his upcoming solo album.  The Section Quartet and I also have been in the studio with Banks, Brian Bell (of Weezer), Aimee Mann, Susanna Hoffs, Joseph Bishara (on the Conjuring 2 soundtrack) and several more that cannot be announced right now.

I've been having a ton of fun working with composer/vocalist Sam Phillips on her score for the upcoming Netflix revival of Gilmore Girls, premiering November 25, 2016.

Oh, and I also did some orchestrating and playing on Jon Brion's string arrangements for a little album called Lemonade by Beyonce.  

Found time to do a Live from High Fidelity podcast with the aforementioned Jon Brion as guest.  You can listen to it free on iTunes.

April 2016 

2016 has been busy indeed!  Sessions with Banks, Conor Oberst, Ruby Amanfu and Aimee Mann; orchestrating a project for arranger Jon Brion; performing live in LA and SF with Celebrating David Bowie, a 3 1/2 hour non-stop career-spanning show; and even a reunion performance with dear friend Grant-Lee Phillips at the legendary McCabe's Guitar Shop in Santa Monica, California has kicked off the year in high gear.

The next taping of Live form High Fidelity podcast takes place April 29th, when my co-host Tom Desavia (see photo) and I welcome special guest Jon Brion to our show.  We'll be taping the episode at Jon's home ground of Largo at the Coronet after his monthly residency show.  Records will spin, Guinness pints will flow, and Jon will perform a few songs for the assembled crowd.  See the Events page for details.

The Section Quartet is gearing up for some special projects later in the year so stay tuned for updates and announcements.  '

Oh, and my buddy Tom has just published a cool book about the early LA punk music scene.  You can buy it here and soon the audio book will be available!

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