Pop Songs from the Twilight Saga for String Quartet
  • Pop Songs from the Twilight Saga for String Quartet
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Sink your teeth into tunes from Twilight!

Play two edgy tunes from The Twilight Saga. Arranger Eric Gorfain translates the folksy, psychedelic sounds of the indie-rock bands Grizzly Bear and OK Go into string arrangements that are sure to energize a school recital or bring a contemporary touch to any casual gig. Whether you're on Team Jacob or Team Edward, or just a flat-out indie rock fan, you'll enjoy the interesting melody, syncopation, and texture these charts have to offer.

"Slow Life" by Grizzly Bear is a sad and romantic piece that perfectly fits the dark atmosphere of The Twilight Saga. Lazy and moody, this arrangement's languorous pulse beats like a breaking heart, and eventually turns into a melancholy ode to romantic despair.

"Shooting the Moon" by OK Go is a popular hit with the band's followers and fans of the The Twilight Saga soundtrack. With a contrasting vibe to "Slow Life," this arrangement builds on the intensity of the song's military-band beat while maintaining its playful nature. Culminating with rock 'n' roll bravado, "Shooting the Moon" is challenging and fun to play. Includes score and parts, plus performance notes by arranger Eric Gorfain.

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